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Online Bingo Winners

Instant Bingo Online Winners

Welcome to our Online Bingo Winners page! Check out who the latest big winners have been, find some of your online bingo buddies and even your own name here if you've made any big, significant winnings playing our online bingo games recently. Remember, bingo is largely a game of chance, so the more you play, the more chances you have of winning. Go ahead, if your name is not listed here, try your luck and you just might be seeing it here soon!

Good luck from everyone at InstantBingo!!

Latest Progressive Jackpot winners

Congratulations to the latest victorious players who won an online bingo progressive jackpot over the past 15 days!!!!! We send our compliments!

Latest Progressive Jackpot Winners

Username Jackpot Won Date
Vegas 306 $881.37 9/15/2014
CooGrrr $4,097.46 9/13/2014
1morenumber $20,323.65 9/13/2014
RedneckHog $54,908.06 9/6/2014
hectorca $6,181.97 9/5/2014
ReDonkULuss $717.65 9/1/2014
mpf3313 $3,067.33 8/31/2014
indojudi737 $17,958.51 8/23/2014
wtwin1 $632.32 8/21/2014
dawn364 $2,131.69 8/20/2014

Single Hit Bingo Winners

Single hit bingo winners are all those players who won the most on a single bingo game. This list is updated on a daily basis ,so we wish you good luck and maybe tomorrow it'll be your name here!

Yesterday's Single Hit Winners

Username Amount Won Game
dvs1955 $5,000.00 Trolling For Treasure
CooGrrr $3,000.00
dvs1955 $2,510.00 Trolling For Treasure
dui32 $2,500.00 Trolling For Treasure
dvs1955 $2,250.00 Trolling For Treasure

Single Hit Bingo Winners in Past 15 Days

More single hit bingo winners, however this list is a compilation of all bingo winners on a single bingo game over the last 15 days.Congratulations to all of you!

Bingo - Single Hit Wins in the last 15 days

Username Amount Won
RedneckHog $55,084.61
1morenumber $20,518.90
bigbet $10,002.27
tvg2006 $10,000.00
JoAnnZrn $10,000.00
ebro $10,000.00
hectorca $6,210.47
ddimer $5,000.00
debr21 $5,000.00
CooGrrr $4,164.69

Sum of all bingo wins

This list is made by adding up all the bingo game results over the past 15 days, and displayed are the online bingo players who came up with biggest amount of winnings after this addition. It's quite impressive!!!

Bingo - Winners of the last 15 days

Username Amount Won
RedneckHog $75,007.19
MargM $40,053.99
GypsyRain $34,604.83
dieselchick09 $32,992.19
suelovey58 $28,675.54
wnymama $27,203.94
RedIsSexy1 $25,194.20
bigredtruck $24,312.57
RobinG543 $22,078.77
nebesna $21,716.89

All time progressive jackpot winners

Congratulations to the players who won an online bingo progressive jackpot !!!!!  We send our compliments!

All Time Progressive Jackpot Winners

Username Jackpot Won Date
RedneckHog $54,908.06 9/6/2014
luckybook $28,034.45 7/12/2014
1morenumber $20,323.65 9/13/2014
indojudi737 $17,958.51 8/23/2014
hectorca $6,181.97 9/5/2014
noelle2 $6,121.48 7/16/2014
CooGrrr $4,097.46 9/13/2014
mpf3313 $3,067.33 8/31/2014
clarence4 $2,149.92 7/29/2014
dawn364 $2,131.69 8/20/2014
m_brennylee $1,612.84 8/10/2014
tinishalthomas $1,587.39 7/14/2014
fischerjenny73 $1,213.61 7/7/2014
cabbageman $1,006.87 7/20/2014
mom816 $951.85 8/2/2014
ReDonkULuss $717.65 9/1/2014
houseboat3456 $669.06 8/11/2014
wtwin1 $632.32 8/21/2014
jayne252uk $572.17 7/14/2014
Elilev $526.66 8/2/2014

How We Calculate our Online Bingo Winners

This is a question we get quite often from our online bingo players, and one we're happy to answer! Every day we review all the bingo game logs, and post them here according to the parameters posted on each of the winning columns; however, winners are not updated in real time, but the following day. For the "Latest Progressive Jackpot Winners" we pull the last 9 records with their corresponding date and amount; the Single Hit wins are the size of the bingo game jackpot (excluding Progressive Bingo Games) on a single bingo game. This means that if you won a big jackpot that was scheduled according to our weekly newsletter, then your name will certainly be displayed here! The last two lists are basically the sum of all the bingo games our online players have won over the last 15 days.

We realize this may all sound a bit complex at first glance, but once viewed one-by-one we hope it helps you understand a bit more!